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Poor Naughty Bear didn’t get invited to the Teddy Bear’s picnic, what should he do? Kill and maim every last one of those elitist fluffy mothers, of course. Shades of Conker’s Bad Fur Day with the some of the mechanics of Ghost Master/Haunting Starring Polterguy/Spy vs Spy and the violence of Manhunt you must murder or scare to death groups of teddy bears. But hey, they started it.


A third-person action game, the goal is mostly the death of the other teddies, but rather than an all-out assault this is best achieved with a little misdirection. Sabotage their barbecues and fuseboxes then lie in wait for them to come to fix them, pouncing on them while distracted to execute them in grisly fashion. Lay bear traps and land mines or hide in a cupboard to jump out and scare them so much they commit suicide. Do all this and other wanton acts of destruction in front of the other bears and watch as their panic escalates and spirals them into insanity. They call in The Fuzz (unless you booby-trap their phones) and other, harder bears, such as ninjas, zombears and RO-BO bears in later levels – though each have great weapons you can nick off their corpses.

Sights and Sounds

Nice-enough looking, although the environments are a little cramped and the camera can be a little random. The bleating wails of scared teddies quickly erases any reticence you may have had about exterminating them.

Stuff that sucks

They like to recycle. There are only seven levels proper – each one has four or so replay modes with different objectives – but even the second one mostly reuses the buildings and interiors from the first. It is pretty replayable, but the lack of variation in the levels and the low number of them hints at short-term fun. DLC is promised on the box-front.


Hugely entertaining idea and great fun, which may like Dead Rising seem a brilliant idea at first, but later grow old – however I haven’t had this happen to me yet, there are certainly no game-breaking annoyances. However the campaign is rather short and it remains to be seen what DLC emerges.

Score : 6/10

It also has a multiplayer mode, with some interesting gametypes – here’s a video of them, which also gives a flavour of the singleplayer game:


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