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Writing about Gimme Five… from The random scribblings of a diseased imagination

The brief was to select five characters you would take on a quest, after a bit of thought I limited myself to characters from computer games. I’ve only played RPs on computers, but that didn’t stop me selecting a classic Thief, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric and Fighter combination, I decided to avoid robots and select characters whose skills would be useful in both a fantasy and sci-fi setting.

  1. Cate Archer (No-One lives forever) – rather good at sneaking around and being a super-spy and good at using gadgets. More attractive than James Bond.
  2. Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) – good with guns and other projectile weapons, versatile pilot. Easy to locate in bright orange haz-suit.
  3. Eiko Magami (Project A-Ko) – obligatory super magic anime girl, A-Ko is quite possibly indestructable, jumps onto nuclear warheads and punches them to oblivion – kind of like Superman did but on a larger scale. Rather than performing magic, she just is magic, while Sabrina Spellman might be fun to have along she rarely gets a spell right and can’t keep her mind off boys.
  4. Sam Stone (Serious Sam) – Not here for his fighting skills, but his amazing healing regenerative powers. If you play the (first) game on Easy mode he actually recovers health all the time – so much so that he recovers it quicker than even vast hordes of monsters can remove it. Proven against large numbers of foes.
  5. Bonus Mahler (Fighting Vipers/Fighters Megamix) – Of all the fighting games this bloke dominates in his. He hardly has to do anything – a single button press is enough to clear most opponents (after taunting). So while it might be kind of cheap to use him against a human opponent, and rather boring against the CPU he would be good to have on your side in a scrap.