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Writing about web page

Well, I finally completed the PC version of Mafia last night – it’s only been two years! While I obviously haven’t played it continuously, there have only been about six areas where gameplay has ceased because I was totally stuck – so quite good value really!

It makes me wonder about how long other types of game will last me – I only bought the PS2 in December, and the XBox in April and while I’ll always claim I’m “still playing” all my games (even the C64 ones, that’s why they can’t be thrown out, you see) the truth is I’ve probably either:

  • lost interest
  • got stuck, or
  • forgotten what the buttons are

for over half of the games just on those two systems.

My most recent aquisition is Driv3r, my first experiences of which parallel my first with Mafia, but I have a history with the series too:

  • Driver(1): had a riotous time playing the “Escape” mode on my sister’s PS1 and bought the PC version: improved graphics, plus Force-Feedback steering wheel. Couldn’t get past the car-park training mission.
  • Driver 2: Bought for my own PS1 as a substitute for GTA3. Managed about 2 missions, but had a lot of fun in the free-ride mode – which was good training for when GTA3 came out on the PC.
  • Driv3r: Can’t get past the first chase mission right now 🙁

The reason it parallels Mafia is that when I first played that I thought it was next-to-impossible. Used to GTA3 on PC I was completely thrown by the fact that:

  • you got busted for speeding
  • you got busted for running a red light
  • you got busted for whipping your gun out
  • the cars only did about 40mph
  • that was still fast enough to lose control of them
  • you had to actually duck and avoid bullets much more
  • it was very easy to die

But, here, nearly two years on I’m still playing it and I think it’s a great game – wonder if that will be the case with Driv3r?

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Writing about Flag Frenzy from The Cro's Nest

Don't know much about motorcyle racing, but would an Englishman winning an F1
Grand Prix be allowed to ask for the St.George's cross to be displayed
rather than the Union Flag?

Could they get a choice of athems?
– Land of Hope and Glory
– Rule Brittania
– Jerusalem
– God Save the Queen (Sex Pistols' version)
– The Great Escape
– Three Lions
– Vindaloo

Perhaps not.

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Writing about web page

Looking forward to Action Unreal Tournament 2004, the latest version of my favourite modification of Quake2 and Half Life and which I used to be quite good at.

Noticed at the weekend that Action Half Life is now version 1 and Steam-compatible so played a few rounds of DM.

edit: changed title as AUT stands for other stuff, too…

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galleries seems to have gone wrong. maybe because i made one called .

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